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When people are inspired by an issue, they then connect with others who also care about those issues to share experiences, insights, and perspectives. Inevitably, these same people translate their passion for something into action.


HOSP is passionate about STEM! We work on STEM education policy issues at the federal and state levels to support the vision of a skilled and 21st century ready workforce built through STEM education. HOSP works with its strategic partners and stakeholders to advocate for:

• For Making Science Count! Science needs to “count” in the same ways that math and language arts count with regard to funding, testing, performance and accountability measures across the United States. #MakeScienceCount

• For policy change that increases the use of hands-on materials, technology, tools, and components as the cornerstone of STEM learning and teaching.

• For Science Ready Classrooms – Up-to-date and ready to use science classrooms, laboratories, work spaces and environments where students can safely and proficiently perform experiments with the right materials and in the same way scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technical experts do their craft around the world.

• For Professional Development for educators as a key component of effective use of hands-on programs, materials, and tools in classrooms.

Christine Vernier and Robyn Johnson discuss STEM Education issues with (D) Senator Merkley from Oregon at Vernier Software & Technology headquarters in Beaverton , OR.


Rep. Holt (D-NJ):  “As I pointed out earlier, the underlying bill would eliminate the only existing, dedicated, science education, STEM, education focused program, the math and science partnerships. The democratic substitute would create a comprehensive STEM education program, from the earliest years all the way through. The substitute bill would provide money to conduct needs assessment at a district level, would create a science master teacher core program, would take steps to retain science teachers, would have research based professional development, I could go on and on about the differences between the underlying bill, which is completely silent on science… I don’t need to go on about the international comparison tests and how other countries are passing our students by, I don’t need to go on about the difficulty in recruiting the kinds of science teachers that we need but let me talk about the one thing that deserves real emphasis, and that is providing support for the teachers that we have.”


We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.

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