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HOSP Advocates


The Hands On Science Partnership champions STEM education policies that both benefit teachers and students and prepare the U.S. for the future.


HOSP identifies issues at the state and federal levels that will impact, support, and influence a teacher, a school or a system’s ability to improve student achievement across grade levels and disciplines using STEM topics and tools. Once the issues are identified, then what do we do?

  • We get educated about the issues and determine how they impact our abilities to support teachers and students
  • We identify individuals with knowledge, passion and influence who can help us make the case and who also support these issues
  • We create and define a clear objective that we believe we can influence and change
  • We educate and advocate decision makers about our work and our objectives


Get details on the HOSP 2014 Legislative Agenda. See how HOSP aims to #MakeScienceCount.

Current activities at the Federal level focus on:

Elementary and Secondary Education Act Re-authorization (ESEA)

Next Generation Standards

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)

Science Ready: Support for Learning Science by Doing It

HOSP is also active advocating STEM legislation in a variety of States.

For members in the House of Representatives: www.house.gov

For members of the Senate: www.senate.gov

For more information about legislators and their work: www.votesmart.org

ASTRA (The Alliance for Science & Technology Research in America) provides state-specific R&D Sheets and K-12 STEM Ed Report cards to help illustrate the importance of scientific research to state and local economies, job growth, innovation, our standard of living, and national security.



Check our calendar for upcoming hearings, testimony and events




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